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If possible, flight mode should be activated during use.

A single tone can be played independently or several tones from different categories can be played at the same time.

Select an entry from the appropriate menu. Once it has been fully loaded, the "play" button can be selected. Click on it to play the sound and adjust its volume and tone. The tones will now play continuously until you stop them.
It is possible to fade out the sounds after a certain time using the timer. Start the desired tones and adjust the volume and filter.

Select the time from the corresponding menu and the remaining time will be displayed in seconds.

If you do not want the tones to fade out continuously, but want to maintain their volume and stop them at the end of the time span, uncheck "fade out".

Press "start" to begin. To end the timer, press "stop". All tones are stopped and the timer is reset to "0".

After the timer has run out, the "repeat once more" button becomes available. This restarts the most recently set tones including volume and the last time the timer was used.



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