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  • 2013-2017, Android-App, sounddesign, stereo

    As a dad of a daughter, who has troubles finding her sleep, the desire appeared quite soon to get acoustic support in order to help her fall asleep.
    After a long break, I finally finished the Android-App"SleepFester".

    Under the developer name"tonage apps"it is now available on the Play Store: Get it on Google Play


  • 2013-2017, Android-App, sounddesign, stereo

    imagefilm - music

  • 2016-2017, music production, sound editing, mixing, stereo

    An imagefilm produced by studio danceforthemoney about the set-up for an exhibition of an international watch manufacturer. Under the direction of Christin Berga versatile insight into the creative and crafting processes is created. Due to her remarkable sense for details and people and her unique way of filming she is giving ordinary things a special point of view.

    sample: danceforthemoney

    Mein langer Atem - audio book

  • 2013, sound-, voicerecording, sounddesign, mastering, stereo, surround

    "Mein langer Atem" is a novel of the authorKatrin Zeddies. It is about a young woman´s live, suffering from borderline syndrome. The book is available atAmazon.

    Due to its complexity in its structure it offers exciting possibilities for an audio book. The main character´s voice is narrated bySimone Prick.

    listening example: excerpt chapter 8 ... surround-version

    AudioMedizin - meditations

  • 2013-2014, field-, voicerecording, sound editing and design, mixing, stereo

    The Berlin psycho- and hypnotherapist Anna Georgiew offers different meditations for several areas and symptomes under the concept of "AudioMedizin". 7 meditations were revised and also enhanced with atmospherical and musical themes and sounds. On her homepageKlarraumyou can purchase these and many different other meditations and classes.

    listening examples:

    Metta-Meditation ... Kraft tanken ... Der Garten

    Unter Mietern

  • 2012, sound recording and design, 5.1 surround

    "Unter Mietern" is a DFFB short film.

    Production - Karoline Güldemann, Director - Moritz Laube, Camera - Sebastian Lempe, Book - Robin Getrost

    Synopsis: When the bell rings and Mr. K. opens his apartment door, he is surprised to find that his 43 sqm apartment has found its way into a newspaper advertisement, that a stranger shows him. What choice is left to Mr. K. but to let him in?


  • 2012, voice recording, sound design, music production, stereo

    >A radio feature produced for a disaster drill at the University of Economics and Law, Berlin. Professor Marcel Kuhlmey provided the text andSimone Prickacted as radio presenter.


    Arktis Station

  • 2009, sound design, stereo

    This semester project was created in the context of the Sound Studies program at the University of Arts, Berlin. Subject of the task was to create a so-called "Athmo" for a film scene located in an arctic station. No natural sounds were used, but all sounds were created with virtual synthesizers and tone generators. In the course of the Athmo, the electricity is turned on and different devices and equipment are brought to life.

    listen here

    Kreislauf der Stoffe

  • 2008, voice and set recording, sound design, music production, mixing, stereo

    This radio feature is the result of my practical exam as media designer film/sound (IHK). The "cycle of substances" is an interpretation of the given test theme "circle". For this purpose a sorting plant of the ALBA Recycling Ltd, a subsidiary of the ALBA group, was visited and the technical processes recorded. The feature includes original sounds of the plant, a narrator as well as an interview with a representative of "Team Grüner Punkt" and specially produced music.

    listen here

    False Door Productions

  • 2008, animation, sound design, stereo

    An animation created with After Effects and completed with original sound. As an animated logo for a fictional film company, it could be placed in the credits of films.

    watch here


  • 2008, music production, stereo

    Sound remake of a stop-motion film by Richard Rutsche. The original can be viewed on the director´s:


    Der Heiratsantrag

  • 2006, sound design, stereo

    Sound design for a theater production by director Julia Jacob. Part of this production were both clients/patients of a psychiatric institution as well as various actors/actresses.


  • 2005, music production, mixing, stereo

    As a joint project with various other musicians and singers this double CD was created under the name "Art.Ohm". In addition to the songs, different sound installations and sounds were incorporated and distributed on a double-CD, which presented a wide range of unconventional music. A DIY-version of only 200 copies gave an insight into years of musical collaboration. "testing new flavors" and "testing new sounds" were mixed and mastered by me.


  • 2002, music production, live session

    All the songs I had created up to that point, were presented in a public performance at the "Roter Salon" of the Berliner Volksbühne. It brought together the various musicians who have contributed to the CD and in collaboration with another band the pieces were performed live.