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It's dark in the city

  • 2013, sound editing anddesign, stereo

    The DFFB-short movie "It's dark in the city", directed by Anna Avramenko, tells a lovestory in a film-noir-like style. The light and setting takes you back in time to black and white movies and big feelings, when dialogues were not part of a movie. Since the sounddesign is adapted to nowadays listening standards and habits, interesting perceptions are created.


  • 2012, sound editing, mixing, stereo

    Istanbul. A city growing so quickly and constantly changing; a city that is exceptionally fascinating, vibrant and advancing...but what about loneliness? Where exactly can we find it? Is it in us? Around us?...Some seek loneliness, some want to escape it. Some do not miss anything and need nothing. Some say they were never lonely. Loneliness in Istanbul...it exists! And no one is protected against it. A journey into the world of six protagonists which will help us to understand the different facets of loneliness.

    ICH: (k-)ein Hölderlinportrait

  • 2010-2011, set and voice recording, sound editing and design, mixing, 5.1 surround

    Started as a semester project with director Julia Jacob, Stephan Hermlins textual basis for the radio play "Scardanelli - Ein Hörspiel" was restaged implemented with clients/patients of a psychiatric institution and professional narrators as well as actors/actresses. For my master thesis the first quadraphonic version has been enhanced to 5.1 surround. Furthermore it has been completely redesigned and enhanced with letters and text fragments by Wilhelm Waiblinger. The intention behind this was to improve the listeners´ comprehension of the character "Friedrich Hölderlin".


  • 2010, voice recording, sound editing and design, mixing, stereo, DVD authoring

    A promotional film for the company "Mobidat". Various people who review and document the barrier-free access to facilities and locations are portrayed. The gathered information is available on a database hosted by Mobidat, wich is constantly updated. The original 45-minute film has been mixed in stereo and a DVD with subtitles was produced.

    Feelings´n Stuff

  • 2008, sound design and editing, stereo

    A short film edited during my training period as a media designer at Studio Mitte. The original sound was revised and refined. For more information: IMDb

    Luise ist 14

  • 2007, sound design and editing, stereo

    This film is about youth, feelings of first love and growing up. As part of my training in media design, my colleague Jakob Kögel and I resumed the auditory post-production. More information can be found on theIMDb-page.


  • 2006, sound design and editing, stereo

    The first major short film project during my media design training. In collaboration with Jakob Kögel the original sound was recorded and we resumed ​​the sound editing and design. The film was mixed at Studio Mitte.
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