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  • 2009, sound collage

    This university project, a sound collage of the city district of Siemensstadt, has been developed in collaboration with fellow student Pheline Binz. More information is available on thenetzradiowebsite.

    Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde

  • 2008, sound installation

    For the joint project "Breitenkunst e.V." I created various sound collages, which portrait a journey to the center of the earth. The exhibition was located in the acoustically interesting Spreetunnel in Berlin-Friedrichshagen.


  • 2006, sound installation

    The Karmanoia bar in Berlin-Neukölln was a meeting place and platform for a variety of artists and musicians. Among other projects, a complete living unit has been turned into a maze. This maze consisted of various "scenes", which I arranged acoustically.


  • 2003, sound installation

    The most publicly acclaimed sound installation by the artist duo "Art.Ohm". It was developed as part of the M°A°I°S 5, an international art project in the bunker below Berlin's Alexanderplatz. As an acoustical directory for passersby loudspeakers were placed at the entrance to the exhibition and continued well into the entrance hall. The response was overwhelming, so that ultimately the sound installation was used for the final project-DVD.

    Phantasie der Erwachsenen

  • 2003, sound installation

    During my training as a project assistant "Art.Ohm" created this sound installation at the Kunstverein Potsdam for the exhibition of Martin Eder's "Phantasie der Erwachsenen".
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