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SleepFester contains 48 high-quality sounds, noises and harmonic motives to help babies and children find distractions and fall asleep more easily.

This does not exclude that children and adults cannot use the app! For anyone who wants to create a pleasant soundscape for themselves and others, be it to fall asleep, to relax or to dream.

Up to 3 different sound sources can be combined to create an optimal sound experience - no limitation to just one sound at a time.

During pregnancy, babies had a muffled but permanent background noise in the mother`s womb. SleepFester can give them a familiar acoustic environment after birth, where they can feel comfortable and relax.

That`s why SleepFester offers the possibility to filter the tones with a "low pass" and thus to reduce the high frequencies - just like in Momma`s belly.

All sounds can be faded with the help of a timer.

To ensure optimum sound reproduction of all frequency spectra, it is advisable to connect the smartphone/tablet to an amplifier, loudspeaker or similar playback system.



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