film editing, after effects, color grading and dvd authoring


filmcut PAL 16:9, color correction, music production, sound editing and mixing


stereo, DVD authoring

tonage did the whole post production of this documentary by ey.yildiz film.
Despite the effects of technological advances, the Hemsin people hold on to their traditional way of life, having chosen a mode of life in accordance with the seasons. Whilst struggling to preserve its way of life and seeking refuge in the bosom of nature, this only slightly religious society on the East coast of the Black Sea is faced with the dominance of the ruling hierarchical culture. (duration: 45 minutes)
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Der Fluch

filmcut PAL 16:9, Video-FX, voice recording, sound design and mixing



Another university project of the Master`s program "sound studies" of the UdK Berlin.

This semester project demonstraits what happens when you take two completely different films, and with the help of the main character create a completely new trailer. I´m responsible for the filmcut and the sound was developed in collaboration with David Rusitschka and Harald Christ. The trailer and more information can be found on David Rusitschka´s vimeo page.